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Connecting Rods

Connecting Rods

Maxi-Light Rods
Crower's exclusive Maxi-Light design is a revolutionary new design that incorporates Radial Beam Technology.  This "RBT" enables us to combine lightweight performance with proven reliability at extended rpm by removing excess weight from noncritical areas and retaining material in the strength critical areas for the lightest, yet strongest connecting rod available on the market.
At Crower, we only use vacuum degassed premium American made steel alloy rated to 170,000 p.s.i. to create our Maxi-Light rods. The Maxi-Light Series rods are available in six variations to match your application, depending on intended use, horsepower and rpm considerations. Bolt sizes include 3/8 for series 1,2,& 3, and 7/16 for series 4, 5, & 6. H11 tool steel rod bolts are standard or the optional Multi-Phase bolt upgrade is available at an extra cost
Crower pioneered the use of small journal diameters, including the popular Honda bearing size (1.888") and the Quad 4 bearing size (2.015") which reduce bearing surface speed, friction and rotating mass for increased performance.

Refer to the descriptions of the Series 1 through 6 Maxi-Light rods for approximate weights and horsepower and ratings.  The ratings listed below are a guideline only.  If you are not familiar with our rods or are not sure which rod you need please call in to our tech line at (619)661-6477.  The experienced techs at Crower will help you choose the right rod when considering the many forces created by factors such as engine displacement, stroke, rod length, rod angle, piston speed, compression, horsepower, boost, nitrous, and the type of racing you are involved in.  All of these factors are important to consider when choosing a rod.

Approx. Weight: 6.0" @ 495g Approx. Weight: 6.0" @ 520g Approx. Weight: 6.0" @ 580g Approx. Weight: 6.0" @ 605g Approx. Weight: 6.0" @ 645g
HP Range: 550+ (drag) HP Range: 600+ (oval) HP Range: 650+ (oval) HP Range: 750+ (oval) HP Range: 850+ (oval)
HP Range: 550+ (drag) HP Range: 650+ (drag) HP Range: 700+ (drag) HP Range: 800+ (drag) HP Range: 1000+ (drag)
MAXI-LIGHT SERIES 6 Nitrous \ Turbo blown  Extreme Horsepower Custom made to meet your needs